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What if you were to give your creativity all the space it deserves? What if you were to develop and expand on it every day? What if you were to put creativity at the heart of each and every one of your projects and dreams? It is up to you to maximise this exceptional resource. Daring to think differently, seeing things from a new perspective, launching original initiatives: this is what is at the heart of creativity and innovation.
Now it’s your turn!

Mark Raison’s

creative techniques



The discovery report is a human resources management tool which aims to:
  • integrate new employees into the company
  • highlight the importance of creativity in the company
  • boost a new employee’s curiosity and ability to question, and make the most of their fresh perspective to discover new ideas

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There are four main types of ideas: blue ideas, green ideas, red ideas and yellow ideas.
Blue ideas are ideas that are easy to implement. They seem obvious and we wonder why they haven’t been done before.
Green ideas improve on what already exists. They enrich the current system without challenging it. For example, moving from model 2.3 to model 2.4.
Red ideas shake up the established order: they are totally new. They break with habits, with existing ways of thinking and doing things. They are a complete departure from what already exists.
Yellow ideas are desirable ideas which appear, in theory, to be impossible. They are the ideas about which we say it would be fantastic if one day we could make them happen. For centuries, going to the moon was one of the most extraordinary yellow ideas of humanity.
Efficiency encourages us to cultivate a portfolio of multi-coloured ideas: to have blue ideas to develop as from today; green ideas to improve what already works well; red ideas to take leadership, and yellow ideas to dream the impossible things which will one day be achieved. The impossible is temporary.

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Alone or in a group, set aside some time to generate ideas. Whether it’s five or ten minutes, half an hour or two hours, time pressure is a marvellous creativity accelerator. And why not give yourself a goal to find lots of ideas: “Produce 40 ideas in the next 20 minutes!” Make time your best creative ally.

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 THE FLASH 1.2.3

The potency of this technique lies within connecting you with your permanent creativity (1: anchor), recent creativity (2: achievements) and future creativity (3: opportunities). Take 5 minutes each week to write your FLASH 1.2.3. and your creativity will be sustainably maintained. It’s simple, fast and amazingly powerful!

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